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CNBC - Escaping the Cube


Wendy Raizin walked away from a successful career as an arbitrage trader to open her own design consulting firm. Her job shift is featured in the series, "Escaping the Cube."




Wendy Raizin in Escaping the Cube

Dwell Magazine


In the March 2015 issue of Dwell, Wendy Raizin shares her top tips for raising your home’s intelligence quotient. Whether you’re interested in installing an elaborate tech support system or gadgets that can be controlled using simple apps on your smart phone, this article provides useful insight.




Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine


In 2003, the movie Something’s Gotta Give was released, giving viewers a fresh, classic kitchen design to drool over. More than a decade later, the famous movie kitchen is still one of the most sought after designs for an elegant, timeless space.
In this article, Wendy Raizin shares 10 tips on how to bring the most “Googled” kitchen in the world to reality, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary, classic and functional design.




FOX5 New York


Incorporating technology into the home is no longer exclusively for the "super affluent." Wendy Raizin, Founder and Interior Designer of Raizin Design, LLC, shows how tech products are now more accessible than ever as technolgoy continues to infiltrate everyday life. Now, in addition to making life easier, technology is serving the dual purpose of function and decor.


Black Enterprise


Raizin Design's Founder and Interior Designer, Wendy Raizin, was profiled in a recent “Luxe Life” segment on Black Enterprise Business Report. Showcasing the latest tech trends, Wendy took the audience through one of her New York City interior design projects.

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